Birds, nests, and flights.

We’ve been waiting on good weather and a Monday so Mancake could go with us to take Little to the Bird of Prey trail at the Anniston Museum. And yesterday was a gorgeous 70+ degrees. So we packed a lunch and headed out to see the birds. Little has always been an animal lover. Since […]

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My sweet friend has an itty bitty girl. I have always called her Tiny. This weekend while our girls were competing with their theater group in Atlanta at the Junior Theater Festival (their group received an Excellence in Acting award!) we stayed at the hotel and had some time to kill. So we took baby […]

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On Wednesdays we wear pink!

I suppose I primarily post updates and photos here and there to my personal Facebook page, or to Instagram. I didn’t realize it has been so long since I posted anything on my blog. We are at the point in the year where everything slows down to a crawl, which is so nice. However, plans […]

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I have been loving the Fuji system. So much good stuff. I choose my Fuji XE-1 over anything I currently have. It has a 27mm on it that is incredibly sharp. So light and awesome, it is just serious fun to shoot with. So of course, Thanksgiving morning, I grab my camera and go hang […]

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We’ve been (not so) patiently tending our chickens, waiting for the eggs. And finally, this week, they have started to roll in. If you’ve raised chickens from chicks, you know how incredibly hard it is to wait. It is like waiting for you film scans to arrive from the lab. But worse. Mona Lisa was […]

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